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Seated Acupressure Massage

This therapeutic massage uses a special chair which allows you sit comfortably in the best position so that you receive a massage of your back, arms, neck and head.  The massage is given over your clothing and lasts about 20 minutes.


Modern Seated Accupressure Massage is based on a the traditional oriental forms of "SHIATSU"and "ANMA" which means press and rub. Using thumb, finger, elbow and knuckle pressure over acupressure points on the meridians or energy lines.


The technique helps to stimulate and balance the flow of energy through the body, and this in turn stimulates the circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised.


This massage therapy is perfect  for the workplace as it can  be very beneficial for employees, relaxing tired muscles and balancing the body and leaving you feeling energised and revitalised.  Please contact Elaine if you would like to know more.


​Seated Acupressure Massage may be beneficial for:-​

  • backache

  • repetitive strain injury

  • asthma

  • headaches

  • migraines

  • toothache

  • fatigue

  • sinus problems

  • anxiety

  • irritability

  • insomnia

  • stimulates lymphatic drainage

  • helps to boost the immune system

  • assists with the removal of toxins

  • can reduce stiffness and improve flexibility





£20 for a 20  minute Seated Acupressure  Massage


Gift Vouchers Available

What can I expect?

You will sit in a professional massage chair and remain fully clothed, although you will be asked to remove any neck jewellery or dangly ear-rings.


There are certain conditions where it is inadvisable to have Seated Acupressure Massage unless you have approval from your GP so you will be asked to complete a questionnaire.




" The back massage was very relaxing and afterwards my back felt so much better

with all the tension gone.  Will definitely be

having these regularly." - FB



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